Wholesale Soap | Wholesale Candle FAQ

Wholesale Handmade Soap and Candle FAQ.  

We will try to help answer some of your questions. If we do not cover them here please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help. Our goal is for you to have a successful product line not only you love but your customers too. 
  • Are your soaps vegan? No. We use fresh whole goats milk in every single batch of soap. We do not make any soap with a water base. We do not cut our milk with water. We only use pure milk from our farm. 
  • What soap making process do you use? We use what is called "cold processed soap". This is our preferred method. It's also known as CP,  "old fashion" or "like grandma made". With this method we have more control over the ingredients. We get to create our own recipes, unlike some melt and pour soaps where you buy a block of soap with the ingredients of the manufactures choice. Cold Process requires heat but not cooking or a long heat time. We feel by using cold process we do not have to over heat our milk. Therefore we get to keep all the goodness the milk has to offer your skin. This way our milk isn't over processed keeping all the vitamins, minerals and good stuff for your skin.
  • Do you offer private labels? Yes we do. We will replace our company name/logo with yours. You can also create and print your own. You can rename the varieties if you would like. For example if you do not like the name Legendary Lavender you can rename the soap Lavender or what ever creative name you come up with.Private labels require a minimum purchase per scent/variety.  
  • Soap = 5 bar minimum per variety.
  • Body Spray = 4 per variety.
  • Cream = 6 per variety. 
  • Candles = 6 per variety.
  • Wax Melts = 6 per variety. 
  • Lip Balm = 6 per variety. 
  • Lotion Bar = 4 per variety. 
  • Face Serum = 4 per variety. 
  • Comfrey Salve = 4 
  • Instant Hand Cleanser = 6 per variety.
  • Sugar Scrub = 3 per variety. 
If you keep the Chickenmash Farm (CMF) label you do not have to order a minimum per scent/variety. You can mix it up in any combination of products to meet your minimum dollar amount for a wholesale purchase. Only private labels require a minimum per scent/variety. 
  • Why Chickenmash Farm wholesale handmade products? We are a small family business that takes the time to listen to the details and requests that you want. We even mix custom scents for some of our customers that we don't even offer on our own website. We care about your success. We understand our success depends on your success. We want to provide you with as much information and help to sell products as we can. We know our products so we can give you great selling points for your customer. We also recognize there are a lot of great handmade soap companies out there and we are very thankful for your support and passion to carry a high quality body care line. 
  • Is there a minimum purchase amount to shop wholesale? Yes there is. This is how we protect you, our wholesale customer with the best pricing available. As a small business we understand the minimum purchase amount needs to be reasonable and that exactly what we do. We offer a reasonable open order amount and an even lower minimum for reorders. Open order (first order) requires a $175 minimum purchase. Reorders require a $50 minimum purchase. You can order in any combination or products to meet the minimum purchase amount. That means candles, soaps, lotion bars and so on. 
  • What are your most popular scents? That is something we write blog posts about from time to time. It depends on your area, online sales verses in person sales. We are happy to share our most popular online most popular varieties (which has more to do with keyword searches) and what sells best in person when people are able to pick up a bar of soap, candle or product, see it and smell it for themselves. 
  • Do you offer local pickup? Yes we do. If you are in the Columbus, Ohio area you can schedule a pickup and save on shipping. We also offer free local delivery when we are in your area. 
  • What is your wholesale lead time? We do our best to ship your order the same week it is placed or the next week. Our goal is to ship your order as soon as possible. If you are new customer with private labels expect a little bit of time for us to set up your logo. When you use our labels you can expect a quicker turnaround time. 
  • How do I qualify for a wholesale account? You need to have a resale license. The state of Ohio now requires that we have a copy on file for all tax exempt orders. When you submit for a wholesale account you will now be required to submit a copy of your vendor licenses and/or a blanket tax exempt form that contains your resale number, company name, valid reason for being tax exempt, purchaser, address, signature. You can simply take a photo of your vendor's license or tax exempt form and submit it to us via email, online form or text it to us. 
Fill our this Tax Exemption Form and send back to us. You can fill it outline, save the file and email back to us or you can print, take a photo and submit to us to keep on file.
    Once your information is verified and you created an account we will send you a discount code custom made for you business and account. 
    • How long do your candles burn? Our six ounce candle tins have a burn time of approximately 25-28 hours. 
    • How do you relight the wood wicks? If you are having trouble getting the candle to light try trimming the wick closer to the wax.