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Wholesale information for shopping wholesale soap, wholesale candles and wholesale body care products. 

Wholesale Pricing: Our wholesale site reflects our retail pricing. You will be able to view and shop wholesale pricing as soon as your account has been reviewed and qualified. Fill out our online wholesale form to get started. Once we receive and verify your information we generally email and provide you with our wholesale prices. Once your account is set up online you can begin shopping wholesale right away. 

Minimum Purchase Amount: Wholesale accounts are required to meet a minimum purchase amount of $175 for your open order and reorder minimum amount of $50. You can mix and match products in any amount to reach your minimum purchase requirement when you use our labels. If you choose private labels a minimum amount is required per unit. Use the drop down box to use the private label option. 

Place an order: You can place orders over the phone, online or email. 

Payments: We accept most major credit cards, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal. 

Shipping Charges: Shipping is based on UPS or USPS shipping fees for USA deliveries. Vendor is responsible for monies due for shipping charges and will be added to your order after proper weight is calculated from FOB in Columbus, Ohio and/ or Williamsport, Ohio. If you are local to us in the Columbus, Ohio area and some surrounding areas we offer free delivery when we are in your area. 

Handling Charge: Order may be subject to a minimal handling charge to cover packing material. We do not often add this charge as we will re-use many of our shipping supplies to offset any additional costs. 

Regarding Samples: You can order a sample pack. We include 5 different sample size items. We have sample size soaps, cream, body sprays, sugar scrubs, lotion bars and wax melts. Fragrance is a random pick from Chickenmash Farm depending on what samples we have in stock. We send enough so you can get a feel for the product on your skin.Let us know what you are interested in and we will do our best to include your top picks.  Click here to order a sample package. 

Copyright Release: Vendors listed as wholesale vendors, may utilize our website as a resource for Chickenmash Farm product information, with the exception of our design colors and design layout. All product images, product descriptions and logo can be utilized in promoting Chickenmash Farm wholesale products. Chickenmash Farm remains the sole owner of all images used.

Lead Time: We do our best to ship right away. Often times we ship the same week we receive your order. Wholesale orders may require a longer ship time then our retail orders due to the fact we make some products fresh when ordered. For example cream has a limited shelf life. We want items with a limited shelf life made fresh to order so you are able to sell those items before it’s expiration. Soap however is an item that requires a six week cure time. We try to stay ahead of soap since it will last indefinitely. There are however times when soap needs to finish curing.  Therefore we ask for a four week lead time. That doesn’t mean it will take that long and that ship time is only required for soap when we are out of stock. We will make and ship your order as soon as possible. As we learn your needs and purchasing habits we will try to keep those soaps you order the most in stock and ready to go.

Private labels | Private label branding | Name Replacement 

We offer private labels for your private branding needs. Ingredients must remain on the product when applicable. We print in house. We are not design artists. We can replace our name/logo with yours. We request your logo/name is in a PNG or JPEG file and transparent background. If this is not possible we will see what we can do and let you know if we are able to work with your file. We do not charge extra for private labels when we are just replacing our name/logo with yours. We only require a minimum per unit when you request private labels. Use the drop-down menu to choose private labels. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. We want to help you with your wholesale body care needs and wholesale candle product needs.