Wholesale Soap and Candle Private Labels

Shop wholesale soap and candles with private labels. 

wholesale candle private labels

We offer private labels for your company branding needs.

Private labels require a minimum purchase per variety. If you keep the Chickenmash Farm (CMF) label you do not have to order a minimum per variety. You can mix and match in any combination of products to meet your minimum dollar amount for a wholesale purchase. 

Private Label Minimum Follows As Listed Below:

  • Soap = 5 bars per variety.
  • Body Spray = 4 per variety.
  • Cream = 6 per variety. 
  • Candles = 6 per variety.
  • Wax Melts = 6 per variety. 
  • Lip Balm = 6 per variety. 
  • Lotion Bar = 4 per variety. 
  • Face Serum = 4 per variety. 
  • Comfrey Salve = 4 
  • Instant Hand Cleanser = 6 per variety.
  • Sugar Scrub = 3 per variety. 

I know for some of our existing wholesale customers this is new. We now require that you meet the minimum purchase amount per scent for private labels. We made every effort to keep the minimum purchase amount per scent low so you do not have to order an over abundant amount of one fragrance. It is not cost efficient for us to create and print one label for only one fragrance. Private brand labels was becoming too time consuming. We want to keep offering private labels at no extra charge so this was the best solution. If you are a private brand wholesale customer and only want one of a fragrance to try you can still order only one and get the wholesale price. We will simply keep the Chickenmash Farm brand label on. 

Did you know?

You can rename the varieties if you would like. For example, if you do not like the name Legendary Lavender you can rename the soap Lavender or what ever creative name you come up with.This is still considered private labels which require a minimum purchase per scent/variety.

We offer a wide variety of wholesale soap and candles for your company's needs.