Buying Wholesale For Your Small Business | Wholesale Soap | Candles

Buying wholesale for your small business is a big decision. 

buying wholesale for your shop

Who do you buy? What do you want to sell? What do my customers want? How much do I have to buy at one time? All valid questions. We offer wholesale bath and body care products, wholesale candles, wholesale wax melts and of course wholesale goat milk soap. When you buy wholesale from us you can know that we make all our products on our farm. We can help you out with knowing the benefits of goat milk soap; how intense our candles are made; the ingredients of our products and many other questions your customers may have. 

We set up at trade shows all over Ohio. We sell our products better than anyone else because we know why someone should pick our products. That is a big advantage. Sometimes soap and body care doesn't just fly off the shelf like candles. Either someone likes a scent or they don't but with body care your customers need to know the benefits of the ingredients in the products. That's where we come in. Since we are the makers we can help you sell our products like we do because we know the answer to why. We try to put as much information on our website as we can but if you have questions that will help you sell any of our products better let us know. That's what we are here for. We do not want you to buy products that just sit on a shelf.

Our goal is the same as yours to sell a successful product line your customers love and come back for. 

We do have a minimum purchase amount that must be met to qualify as wholesale. We do this to protect you. We also offer an even lower reorder amount so you do not have to stock more than you think you can sell at a time. Being a small business we understand the struggle of meeting minimum purchase amounts when you just need to restock certain items but can't meet a large purchase amount requirement. If you are interested in selling bath and body care product or our candle line be sure to fill our wholesale request form to get started. Once you are qualified you will need to sign up for an account and we'll finish setting up your account with a custom discount code just for you. Whether you are a long time veteran or just starting out we hope you find the products just right for your small business.