Best Selling Body Sprays | Top 5 Trending Fragrances For Women

Trending fragrance for women. Best selling body sprays for women. 

body sprays for women

Fill your store will the top 5 fragrances for women. It's hard to decide what your customers will love. It's one of the reason we still get out and display at local gift shows and fairs. We love to see what the customer thinks is the best. Our shelves are lined with all the fragrances we offer and testers so people can sample and smell every one our body sprays. We will give your our top five sellers but don't count out the other fragrances for your store. Sometimes people are surprised to find their favorite and can't believe they found someone that carries that scent. For example Patchouli might not be our most popular but for the patchouli lover they are thrilled we carry it. We also find that in different areas in the state some fragrances are more popular than others. We will give you our top five but you know your audience better than we do so go wild and pick what you think they will love. Certain fragrances are more popular online. We've combined the the two - the online favorites with the in-person favorites. 

Top 5 trending fragrances for women

  1. Pink Sugar
  2. Rice Flower & Shea
  3. Citrus Basil
  4. Love Hope & Denim
  5. Amazing Grace

Pink Sugar compares to Aquolina Pink Sugar with a sweet blend of cotton candy, caramel, strawberry and vanilla. When people smell it they love it. Rice Flower & Shea compares to B&BW's retired fragrance. We have great reviews on our retail site. Be sure to check out our reviews. Citrus Basil compares to B&BW's Cool Citrus Basil with a top note of fresh basil combined with fresh orange, bergamot and lemon oil with a touch of ylang ylang. Love Hope & Denim compares to True Religion fragrance in a perfect blend of fruity tones followed by floral notes combined with a hints of caramel, sugared almonds, brown sugar and vanilla. Our newest up and coming favorite is Amazing Grace. A scent that compares to Philosophy fragrance in a sweet citrus floral scent with a notes of lemon and bergamont and hints of vanilla, musk and cedarwood. 

Be sure to check out our top 5 trending fragrances for women. Best selling body sprays for women you can't go wrong with.